• Barbara Wong

What is Service Design?

Updated: Feb 6

Extracted from Design Council, UK

What is Service Design? It is a design approach that especially suitable for enhancing customer experience, as well as designing innovative products and services. Here is the definition of Service Design and the benefits it can bring to the organizations by the Design Council, UK.

Service design is all about making the service you deliver useful, usable, efficient, effective and desirable.

It is not intangible or about the feeling you give customers or users. It's about actual things, which service designers might call touchpoints. If you commission a service designer they might:

  • Help you identify problem areas and generate ideas for improvement.

  • Redesign your products to improve the way they allow your customers to interact while they use a service.

  • Design spaces so that they deliver a service more efficiently.

  • Create printed material, websites, uniforms, adverts and the branded things that allow you to communicate what your service is about.

So a service design project is a strategic project which uses design techniques like thorough client research, collaborative ideas generation and early stage prototyping and testing to deliver services that are built around the real needs of clients, that simplify complex problems and deliver solutions that are future focused and cost conscious.

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