Recent news

Recent news


Multisensory cushions creation voluntary event
Barbara Wong, 27, August 2016


The purpose of the event was to bring people who like sewing and caring about the community together, and to create unique cushions for dementia elderly. Through the event, they understood the purposes of the multisensory cushions and created their unique cushions to dementia elderly living in nursing home. We had some very dedicated volunteers and the cushions were beautifully made. At the end of the event, they gave their cushions to the elderly by themselves and get to understand more about dementia and had a great experience in the whole process.

Service Design workshop
Barbara Wong, 27, January 2015


The workshop was organized by the HKCSS, which was held to introduce the concept of Service Design to the NGOs in Hong Kong. It was very popular and almost full-house that day. The participants were mainly come from the service sector including catering, retailing, beauty salon, online shop, etc. The workshop introduced the concept of customer experience and how Service Design as a valuable design approach to help them improve their services as well as innovate new ones.  

Service Design pilot cases

Barbara Wong 30, September,2014


We conducted two pilot cases with two NGOs using the Service Design approach. The results of the cases were very positive and encouraging. More details of the case studies can be found in the CASE part or click "Read more". 

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