Project - Jewelry

I designed some jewelry collections. One collection called "Fantasy".  I got the inspiration from fair tales. The jewelry pieces were made of laser cut genuine leather with fresh water pearls and crystals. Another collection called "Fluidity". I used net fabric and silver chain to represent the fluidity of the water. I also like to experiment with different materials in jewelry design.

Project - UX design in Web and Mobile app


Blezze is a natural skin care brand and all the products are made of natural ingredients. I used soft colours to represent the feminine and spirituality of the brand.


Gindy Laura is a fashion brand, its website is to promote its brand as well as provide online shopping for their customers. 


Bunnybobo is an online shop for premium eco-friendly baby products for children age 0 - 5 years old. 


Project - Fashion brand


​This is a fashion lifestyle brand which is bold, innovative and unconventional. We wanted to focus on the essence of the brand by using abstract graphics instead of real images. 

Design Projects

Project - Brand design

Yuen Fong is a food brand based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine concept to provide fresh, natural and healthy food for the whole family. 

Project - Nursing home decoration for sensory environment

This project was to help a NGO's nursing home to design a more pleasant and multisensory environment for the residents and their staffs to achieve well-being.   



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