Experience Colours - Colour Consultation 

Colour is an amazing tool to communicate emotions and feelings. Good colour combination can enhance the power of design and vice versa. Here are some examples of how colour combination works to affect different feelings, meanings and experience,
We provide colour consultancy to the corporate clients for improving their products, services, as well as environment to increase their sales performance and productivity. For individual clients, we help them to improve their personal image with advices on makeup and clothing colours that suit them best, as well as their residential environment to enhance health, relationships, and productivity. 
More information about colours and how colours can affect design, performance, and salability of products and services, please check here
Colour schemes inspired from arts

The 7 colour schemes show how colour combination achieve different moods and feelings. These schemes can be used for different products and settings. 

Colour palettes

Colour palettes for branding, fashion, interiors, prints, products, and websites.

e more about you.

Colour & patterns 

Examples of patterns created from the above colour palettes and others. 


Like the pattern? You can now buy the patterns and get it printed on a bag, cushions, iphone case, stationary, or even scarf and t-shirt!


Check the link and order your favourite pattern on the selected products, make it personal!





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