Case Study 2 - Service Design


Client - Restaurant 


The restaurant was a social enterprise whose mission was to bring a new experience of Korean food culture to Hong Kong. It also provides opportunities for young people and ex-offenders to become professional chefs and serving staff in the restaurant business. 


The Challenges


As in many restaurants in Hong Kong, it was difficult to employ front-line staff and the staff turnover rate was high. Some of the front-line staff had low motivation in their jobs and the customer service needed to be improved. 


The Results


The staff were more understanding the importance of providing good customer service and building good relationships with their customers. Moreover, they were more motivated and willing to take actions to change and improve the customer service. 


On the other hand, the management recognized the problems of their services and the needs and wants of their customers. They were planning to make some changes in the service process to enhance the customer experience in the next few months.

"The workshop was very 

inspiring. First, it enlightens me and my boss on the concepts. Second, a few colleagues still mentioned the workshop after it! I see many of our staff have changed their attitudes and behaviours after the workshop!" 


----- Ms Lee, Deputy Chief 


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