Case Study 1 - Service Design


Client - Retail Store 


The store was a social enterprise selling mainly healthy food and medical products for older adults. They had another branch in a different location in New Territories. The social enterprise was mainly employed older adults as their sales representatives since this was their social mission to provide job opportunities for them. 


The Challenges


The store was located at the corner on the ground floor at a government-owned building and usually, people were just coming and leaving in a hurry without noticing the store. Although their target customers were older adults, they found that they had other types of customers, for example, the younger mothers who took their children to go to the kindergarten upstairs, and the elderly's children were also visited their store sometimes. However, the sales of the store were low due to lack of brand awareness of the store and fewer elderly visitors. 


The Results


The staff and management were able to understand the customer experience in a systematic way. The service designers helped to come up with some innovative ideas to improve the customer services. The results of the project were encouraging: it was not only improved their brand awareness and customer services, it also enhanced the staff's job satisfaction. 


Furthermore, the front line staff were more active and motivated in their jobs, more understanding the social mission and brand values of the company, as well as more customer-centric and focused on building customer relationships with their customers. For middle management, the workshop provided them some reflections of the whole selling process and helped them to better develop mid to long-term business plans. 


"Our staff are more motivated and their satisfaction are increased. They used to think that it's only a job, but now they think that their jobs are more meaningful, so they are more engaged in their job. For me, I also have some reflections of the current services and it inspires the middle management to develop promotion plan. I think the workshop was very fruitful!" 


---- Mr. Chow, Operation Manager 

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